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Guided Hikes

Thredbo Alpine Walks & Hikes

雅博体育appExperience the magic of Thredbo’s alpine area by foot with one of our experienced guides.

雅博体育appThere is a variety of guided walks available. Guests can choose from the moderately paced family oriented hikes, like the Kosciuszko Summit Hike, to hikes that take you through the high, windswept regions among the tallest peaks in the country; such as the Townsend Hike. There is no better way to get to know our high country, with its beautiful wild flowers, unique landscapes and stunning, rugged peaks than to get amongst them with a knowledgeable guide leading the way.

Please note: Group and private Guided Hikes have finished for summer

Meet Our Guides


Thredbo’s Guided Hikes boast one of the most passionate group of guides, who know Thredbo and the Australian Main Range like the back of their hand. Spending lots of time in the outdoors, our hikes team have extensive knowledge of the high country and its surroundings.

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Group Hikes


Mt Kosciuszko Summit Hike

Grade: 3
Distance: 13km
Highlights:雅博体育app 360-degree alpine views, Seasonal wildflowers

雅博体育appMake the pilgrimage that every Australian and visitor to this great land should. Gain perspective from the highest point in the country, enjoying sweeping views into Victoria and along the Main Range. Do it for the first time, or make it a tradition…

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Mt Townsend Hike

Grade: 5
Distance: 21km
Highlights: Remote views, no crowds, spectacular experience

雅博体育appClimb Australia’s second highest peak Mt Townsend, at only 19m shorter at 2209m but most would say more spectacular in its entirety. From the top you look down onto glacial lakes and the dramatic western faces of the Main Range…

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Alpine Lakes Hike

Grade: 4
Distance: 19km
Highlights:雅博体育app Glacial lakes, Incredible alpine views

Take a stroll out on the rooftop of this beautiful land. This is an iconic hike that promises stunning views of the mountains, beautiful unique flora and a complete sense of awe in what Mother Nature has created. From start to finish, this is a wonderful mountain experience…

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Dead Horse Gap Hike

Grade: 4 going up, 3 going down
Distance: 10km
Highlights: Thredbo River, Snowgums

雅博体育appThis is one of the best hikes in the area, it’s mostly downhill and the views are spectacular. From the top of the Kosciuszko Express Chairlift, you descend just over 300 vertical metres to Dead Horse Gap. There is an abundance of wildflowers and the twisted Snowgums are incredible…

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Mt Kosciuszko Sunset Hike

Grade: 3
Distance: 13km
Highlights:雅博体育app Changing colours of Kosciuszko, Intimate setting

Sunset to stargaze, there is lots to love about sunsets but nothing beats standing on Australia’s highest peak watching the last rays of the day race across the High Country, as the sun slowly sinks to the west. The Kosciuszko Sunset Guided Hike sees small groups watch the spectacular sunset, then with headlamps on, head back to Thredbo under the Milky Way. Bring a friend or the love of your life, this hike is certainly one to remember.

Private Guided Hikes


Want to go for a hike on a day that one of our scheduled hikes is not operating? Thredbo Guided Hikes can organise a private hike for you and your friends.

Available Hikes: Mt Kosciuszko Summit & Sunset, Mt Townsend, Alpine Lakes, Dead Horse Gap, The Ruins, The Ramshead (half and full day option)

When: Daily, dependent on guide availability. Public holidays excluded. Private Guided Hikes must be booked 3 days in advance.

Inclusions: 雅博体育appWill be arranged on a hike by hike basis determined by guest and Supervisor correspondence. The inclusions will be based on a regular hikes program.

Enquiries: guides_thredbo@evt.com雅博体育app or 02 6459 4119

Special Hikes


Mt Kosciuszko Full Moon Hike

Grade: 3
Distance: 13km
Highlights: Kosciuszko sunset, Witness the rise of the full moon

From Australia’s highest peak we catch the sun dip below the horizon, making way for the full moon to rise above the stunning Main Range. Your guide will brew up a cuppa while you relax and watch Mother Nature put on a show. As we watch the alpine landscape slip from day to night, we return to Thredbo under the stars and the bright glowing orb of the full moon.


Mt Kosciuszko Australia Day Summit Hike

Grade: 3
Distance: 13km
Highlights: 360-degree alpine views, Seasonal wildflowers, Fly a kite on top of Australia
When: Jan 26

Conquer Kozzie on Australia Day! Whether it’s your first time or a Australia Day tradition, this guided hike is a great way to experience the stunning alpine with family and friends. On this iconic hike you’ll get to fly a kite from the top of Australia and enjoy breathtaking 360-degree alpine views.

All Thredbo guided summer activities conducted in Kosciuszko National Park are accredited with Ecotourism Australia at the Advanced Ecotourism level. This reinforces our commitment to using sustainable practices, and that Kosciuszko Thredbo – summer activities is committed to minimising climate change impacts from conducting these activities.

雅博体育appWe recognise the Ngarigo People as the Traditional Custodians of this land. We would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the Elders past and present and their traditions and culture.

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